Vinckier advocaten is situated in Roeselare or Roulers, the heart of West-Flanders  and, along with Kortrijk or Courtrai and Izegem, one the centres of medium and  small enterprise activity in Belgium.
No surprise, then, that Vinckier advocaten has applied itself mainly to advising  that medium and small enterprise, as well as its management.
The firm and its lawyers take a strong interest in international commercial problems  and disputes.
The Convention on International Sale of Goods (Vienna Treaty), the European Regulation  on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgements (former Brussels Convention)  and the Contracts Convention hold little secrets to them.
Thanks to clear engagements combined with open and direct communication in English,  Dutch or French, any foreign enterprise or law-firm will find Vinckier  advocaten to be a sound choice as its representation in Belgium, or as its Belgian  correspondent.
The offices of Vinckier advocaten are located in the Roeselare quarter  “’t Fort” meaning simply “the Fort”.
The logo is inspired by this name. It is the international symbol on sea-charts  for a fort or fortress. Like a fort, Vinckier advocaten aims to stand for dependability and security.